Lockdown 2.0

It’s Lockdown 2.0 and there’s been some changes to the law from last time. Our Lockdown rules are as follows:-

We will be open 6-8pm Tues-Sun

– Ale/Cider will be available Tues-Sun

– Food will be available, as normal, Sat & Sun

-We recommend ordering food via our website www.thebarleymowinn.co.uk/eating-in/ (The only option is now ‘pick up’, if you have any issues please give us a call)

– Please pay attention to the dates on the website and know although there may be the option to order food Tues-Fri, it will only be available on the weekend.

– You MUST call/order online beforehand, we CANNOT allow you to turn up and takeaway beer/cider/food etc.

– We will be continuing with track & trace

– If you are waiting outside please social distance from others, wear a mask and respect other customers/neighbours etc

Thank you to everyone who has supported us this year, we could not have done it without you! We also want to say a massive thank you to CAMRA – the Campaign for Real Ale who argued ferociously against the Government’s original ruling. Stay Safe!


Welcome back!

Welcome (back) to the Barley Mow. In order to open safely to the public we have made some changes following current government advice.

What we are doing:

1. Social Distancing
a. Limiting the number of people on the pub’s premises at any one time
b. Introducing a one-way circulation through the pub
c. Limiting the maximum number of people at each table to six
d. Siting nearly all of our tables and seating outside
e. Extending the spaces between tables and seating to 2+ metres
f. Applying a ‘one in/one at the bar/one out’ rule for the main bar
g. Applying a ‘one in/one out’ rule for the lavatories

2. Hygiene
a. Wearing facemasks and washing our hands between customers
b. Providing antibacterial hand gel, cleaning spray and paper towels around the pub
c. Encouraging contactless payment whilst still accepting cash
d. Washing cutlery, crockery and glasses at 60+ degrees
e. Wedging doors open wherever possible
f. Opening up an additional lavatory
g. Wiping down furniture, handles and banisters regularly while the pub is open
h. Removing soft furnishings to enable daily deep cleaning

3. Track and Trace (while UK government software is under development)
a. Numbering each table and seating area
b. Recording our customers’ name, contact details and seating number as they buy with cash or card at the bar
c. Encouraging our customers to order food and drinks online automatically capturing their contact details
d. Keeping customers’ contact details securely and confidentially for up to 21 days
e. Passing customers’ contact details to the relevant authority in the event of a coronavirus outbreak
f. Destroying customers’ contact details once 21 days have elapsed


What we need you to do:

1. Social Distancing
a. Only enter the pub through the front door
b. Exit the pub only through either the back door or the parlour door
c. Make sure your party conforms to UK government guidelines on social distancing, eg single household, social bubble
d. Limit your party to a maximum of six per table
e. Keep 2 metres away from other customers and staff, eg wait outside if there is someone being served at the bar and someone waiting to be served inside the bar

2. Hygiene
a. Use the antibacterial hand gel, sanitising spray and paper towels provided around the pub
b. Wherever possible order your drinks and food online via www.thebarleymowinn.co.uk
c. On leaving, place your used crockery, cutlery or glasses in the plastic boxes provided

3. Track and Trace
a. Consent to provide your name and contact details when buying food or drinks, either in person at the bar or online
b. Notify us asap if you or anyone in your party shows symptoms consistent with coronavirus within 14 days of visiting the pub
c. Agree to contact others in your party if notified of a coronavirus outbreak

4. Common sense and courtesy
a. Just ask if anything is unclear and let us know how we can improve
b. Show respect for the privacy and well-being of the pub’s long term residents, Mary and Tony Short
c. Relax, be patient, stay calm and enjoy your visit to this historic pub

How We Keep You Safe from COVID-19

 As a precaution against the spread of the coronavirus, we recommend the use of online payments by Card or via PayPal. At checkout, we added new options to minimize exposure when fulfilling orders.    

We put in place a number of robust measures designed to make your health & safety a top priority whilst still enabling our employees to fulfill orders.

• Our staff received proper on-the-job training on the matters of personal hygiene and COVID-19 prevention.

• We take temperature readings of all staff members daily. So far, no staff member has been exposed to any person tested positive for Coronavirus.

• Our staff washes and disinfects their hands every half hour.

• All surfaces and cooking stations are cleaned and sanitized thoroughly, including door handles and light switches.

• We have supplemented our staff to handle the extra cleaning efforts.

• We implement all the food industry hygiene standards such as HACCP, GHP, FAO Hygiene codex and the food storage principles.

• We carefully respect the 4Cs of food safety: Cleaning, Cooking, Chilling and Cross-contamination.


[restaurant-menu-and-ordering ruid=”60cee450-da0f-497e-bd87-f277d83213a6″]

Pub schedule for the foreseeable…

COVID 19 Prepararations

*Update on our plan for the next few weeks*

SAT 21/3 – BEEF STEW & DUMPLINGS**- We will be open 6-8pm every day serving a different dish (veggie option available) (and puddings if there’s demand for them)

– Dishes of the day will be updated on here. – we can provide food in containers but would appreciate if you brought your own or returned ours back to us ASAP.

– We can do delivery, or takeaway. Please message your orders on here, text 07766428419, or ring 01335 370306 and ask for Rachel/Henry

– Please tell us your orders with what time you would like to collect/be delivered, and whether you want it cooked or raw.

-Main dishes will be £6.50, and desserts £3.

– Beer and cider will be £2.50 a pint. Please bring your own containers for this, or we can supply containers if you’re after 5+ pints.

PLEASE LET US KNOW ANY ALLERGY/DIETARY REQUIREMENTS. We would like to thank everyone who has continued to support us and our hardworking staff. We hope everyone remains safe and our best wishes are with you all.

-The Barley Mow Team,

Henry, Rachel, Charlotte, Christine, Caitlin and Maggie x

COVID19 Preparations

As you might guess, with the most recent announcement from the government regarding the closures of all non-essential social places, the Mow has had to adjust to government guidelines.

We will be open Monday -Sunday, 6-8pm, offsale, takeaway and deliveries only. We will be releasing more information tomorrow to help support the Kirk Ireton community as best as we can.

Oh, and pints are £2.50, happy days!

Best of Love,

Rachel, Henry, Charlotte, Christine, and Maggie

The Mow Hosts ‘Mr & Mrs’

On Friday night, in support of research towards Alzheimers, the Barley Mow hosted a special event testing the knowledge of even the closest couples.

In addition, the Pub also hosted an extremely difficult pub quiz, with questions on the Crimean War to the name of poems not even your English teacher could name!

The Pub regularly features nights such as these, but stay tuned to the website and Facebook page for upcoming events.

The Barley Mow wins Ashbourne & District CAMRA pub of the year

Here at The Barley Mow, we have worked hard this year to make it the best year we possibly could. Our staff have worked tremendously hard, and without them we wouldn’t be where we are.

Not only this, despite some health setbacks within the family, the pub has continued to be a family run business, first and foremost.

And it is with great pleasure we are able to announce that the members of the Ashbourne & District CAMRA Society named us pub of the year!

We want to thank everyone who has made this possible, including all of our regulars, but also those of you who may have not visited before! We couldn’t have done it without you.

We hope that 2020 proves to be an even better year!